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✅Natural and durable: made of 100% high quality natural latex, durable and ecological, strong elasticity, can be stretched repeatedly and built to last. Resistance bands can remain very elastic after years of training and exercise.

Train different parts of the body: our exercise band can be used as a chin-up helpband or a resistance band. It can help men increase muscle strength, exercise waist, abdomen, legs, back, chest and arm muscles in assisted chin-ups and body resistance training; it can also help women thin their arms, tighten the waist and abdomen, raise hips and legs in hip training and limb stretching.

✅Suitable for various workouts: through the help of the training band, you can make your exercise more effective. In addition to helping in stretching and chin-up training, these exercise bands can also help in warm-up exercises, stretching exercises, rehabilitation training, weight squats and other types of exercises.

Mobile personal fitness gym: you can train anywhere in your house, bedroom, living room and other places with doors, and it can also be used in your home gym. You can also take the training bands on vacation or to the gym. Make sure you can enjoy exercise during your rest time to get a beautiful body.

Yooband power Pull-Up Resistance Band (50 - 125 lbs)

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