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Formulated to support muscle recovery and hydration, XTEND Original provides 7G of BCAAs and hydrating electrolytes, all while delivering mouthwatering flavors with zero sugar. It's no wonder that XTEND Original has been the go-to recovery choice for athletes, lifters, and fitness fanatics for over a decade.

THE OG: Xtend Original is the category leading BCAA product that has been trusted by consumers for more than 15 years. With it's huge selection of mouth-watering flavors, XTEND Original was designed to help you hydrate, repair, and recover.

REPAIR & RECOVER: Designed to support muscle repair and recovery, each serving of XTEND contains 7G of BCAAs in clinically studied ratios, to help you train harder and recover better.

HYDRATE: XTEND contains a blend of essential electrolytes to support hydration and help you perform at your best.

INCREDIBLE TASTE: XTEND comes in a variety of mouth-watering flavors - with zero sugar per serving - making it a perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle.

#1 US Post-workout Recovery Brand**: At XTEND, perfecting recovery has been our business for over 10 years. Our products do more than help you replenish nutrients lost in sweat. We use science, innovation, and clinically studied ingredients to make the best recovery products on the planet, which is why we are the #1 Post-workout Recovery Brand in the US**

XTEND Original BCAA Powder (30 Servings), Watermelon Explosion

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