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ALIGN AND LENGTHEN – Use the Peloton yoga strap to improve your range of motion and keep you feeling strong in any stretch, pose, or bind.

VERSATILE – No matter where you're at in your yoga journey this Peloton accessory can help you feel more confident getting into a variety of poses.

ADJUSTABLE – Loop the Peloton yoga strap through the square rings and adjust as needed to ensure the best support for a variety of yoga poses.

DURABLE – Made out of a corrosion resistant zinc alloy material. The rings can resist wear when dropped onto a variety of surfaces including a yoga mat, cement, tile, wood, etc. And the nylon strap is tightly woven to prevent fraying or separation.

EASY TO STORE – The elastic loop on the Peloton yoga strap helps hold the strap together when folded up.

SIZE – 6 feet x 1.5 inches

Peloton Yoga Strap

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