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Train anywhere and anytime: the low friction and unmarked material glides smoothly on virtually any surface to help build muscle strength and increase flexibility. The foam side works best on hard and smooth surfaces such as wooden floors. The plastic side works best on softer surfaces, such as carpets or grass. Nothing can stop your core training

Strengthens: functional core sliders are an ideal option to build muscle strength and increase flexibility. Simple and comfortable to use the 2 core sliders, your hands or feet never leave the floor, which offers incredible low-impact training and weight bearing exercise. Ideal to strengthen your core and abs, range of movement and stability. Ideal for indoor workouts and home gyms.

Compact and practical: these sliders are compact and portable; they easily fit in your backpack or handbag. You can use these sliders anywhere; at home, gym, office or even when traveling, ensuring that you always stay in shape. These sliders are very portable for people who are constantly on the move or for athletes who like to train when traveling

Soft sliding design: made with a durable foam "top" for better grip of hands or feet and an ultra-resistant plastic that allows you to slide on carpets or floors, you can easily locate all kinds of personal movements, such as strides, bridges or skiers.

OKELA Exercise Core Sliders

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