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Multipurpose: the ultimate training bands for the home and the gym for women and men; our heavy resistance bands will customize and overload your workouts. The best quality exercise bands on the market to activate and sculpt your entire legs, including buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and abs.

✅ 100% safe and resistant: Hawk Booty bands multiple sewing methods make them impossible to break. These non-plastic exercise bands work very well helping you perform squats correctly, keeping your knees pushed.

Non-slip with extra grip: hawk-resistant belts have a wider and more comfortable fit, with non-slip rubber layers to prevent them from piling up or sliding, unlike cheap latex bands, and rows of reinforced seams inside to ensure maximum durability and functionality.

Healthier and more balanced body: Hawk resistance bands will improve hip and knee stabilization. This, in return, improves the overall mechanics of the body and the efficiency of movement. If you are looking for, you will love hip training bands.

Hawk Sports Booty Band

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