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Enjoy an active lifestyle and get back to the things you love with Aspercreme Flexi-Motion Drug-free shoulder patches. These drug-free patches use bioceramic particles to stimulate the body's natural

Shoulder Patches, Drug-Free

Each - 5 in x 8-7/8 in (13 cm x 23 cm). New. Promotes comfortable movement. Bioceramic particles help increase circulation to muscles and joints. Stimulates the natural recovery process to support active mobility. Water resistant. Ultra thin. Stays on up to 5 days. Stimulates the body's natural recovery process to promote comfortable movement. How it Works: This cutting-edge patch uses a science-based Reflec-Tech process to stimulate the body's natural ability to recover: Your body gives off energy all the time in the form of infrared waves. This innovative patch contains bioceramic particles which reflect that energy back into your muscles or joints instead of letting it escape. This energy helps increase blood flow and brings more oxygen to the area, which helps your muscles and joints move more comfortably. The patch is fragrance-free, ultra thin, and water-resistant. Stays on for up to 5 days. What's the patch made with? This ultra thin patch has a non-woven fabric backing. It contains bioceramic particles (titanium dioxide), which reflect the body's energy.

Aspercreme Flexi-Motion Drug Free Shoulder Patches - 3ct

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