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25g of Clean, Fast Digesting Whey Protein

Zero Artificial Ingredients

Native Whey Protein - The Least Processed, Most Pure Form of Whey Protein Available

Certified Gluten Free, rBST Free

5.7g BCAAs, 12.1g EAAs, 2.7g Leucine

Ascent® was created with one mission in mind: to naturally improve your athletic performance. Like you, we don’t believe in gimmicks or short cuts. Instead, we know that results require the right nutrition, which is why Ascent only offers clean, pure products with zero artificial ingredients to support your post-workout recovery and training goals. All Ascent products are Certified Gluten Free and Informed Choice Certified meaning they are third-party tested for banned substances. Aligning with the admirable qualities in the athletes that Ascent serves - going the extra mile, completing an extra set, and never backing down from a challenge, Ascent helps to support your goals as the Official Sponsor of Hard Work®.

Ascent Native Fuel Whey (4 LB), Chocolate

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