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Vitamin B12 high-potency Shots help deliver maximum performance and energy throughout the day. Provides the right amount to help you stay focused at work, school, or simply at home. Easy to use and take daily with our 2.0 oz bottles. Each pack contains 20 shots. Perform better and replenish your body with these Vitamin B12 Shots to avoid feeling tired, cranky, and not focused. Each bottle contains 10,000mcg of Vitamin B12. One of vitamin B12’s key benefits is helping our memory, concentration, and all that other important stuff that keeps our brain on fire. Vitamin B12 is one of eight B vitamins that can transfer the food we eat to glucose. In other words, it gives us energy. It’s not like a quick jolt of energy from coffee in the morning - rather it reduces our feelings of fatigue & weakness, making us feel more alive.

Alfa Vitamins B12 Shot


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