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This matcha powder is a unique blend of ceremonial (first harvest) and premium (second harvest matcha powder) to make a soft-tasting matcha suitable for an emperor without the premium price. It is versatile: it can be used for teas, lattes, smoothies, recipes and much more.

Functions and details

Organic and non-GMO certificate: USDA certified organic matcha green tea powder, from organic family tea farms in Kagoshima, Japan.

The best of both worlds: this is a unique blend of first (ceremonial) and second harvest green tea leaves. This allows a high flavor matcha without the premium price, so you don't need to be an emperor to enjoy

✨ Easy to use: our daily matcha can be used in a variety of different recipes, from your matcha smoothie to your latte.

Mild energy + focus: the natural amino acid L-theanine works to slow down the absorption of caffeine to provide more stable energy without nerves or midday accidents. Our matcha powder contains approximately 30 mg of caffeine per serving. (One cup of black coffee contains approximately 100 mg)

Good for you: Matcha is rich in antioxidants, is a great source of constant energy and promotes mental focus.

Sencha Naturals Organic Everyday Matcha Powder (225 Servings)

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