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Designed to fit all men and women: the 3 fabric exercise bands fit from 12.0 in to 18.0 in so that you are in total control of the fit, resistance level and tension; since you can completely customize the resistance, you will overload your workouts and achieve the next level of toning

Don't settle for bands that don't fit: other elastic training bands don't fit so they can be too large or too small and are made of thin latex that tears and does not stay in place; our bands are wide, thick and are made of a premium blend of polyester, cotton and latex; they never roll up, slide, break or pinch your skin

Get a full body workout anywhere: you are receiving much more than a professional set of fabric training bands; we have also created an exercise brochure with full color images and online training videos; we will show you how to strengthen and tone your legs, buttocks, inner thighs, arms, abs and core using these bands

The secret to aiming for multiple muscle groups: if you already have a training plan that you follow, these resistance bands of fabric for legs and buttocks will help you obtain better results; you will be involving large and small muscle groups while doing squats, hip thrusts, planks, lunges and more

Trusted by beginners and Olympic athletes: our durable thigh resistance bands retain elasticity and will be your trusted companion while you train for years. We also include a travel bag, so you can take a "gym" with you when you travel

RSASR Adjustable Booty Bands

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