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Extra-firm, high-density foam maintains shape, even with frequent use.

Retrospec foam roller applies a low-intensity force to soft tissue, relieving any lingering soreness and increases recovery time. Ideal for improving mobility, flexibility, and preventing muscle soreness.

Improve circulation and prevent injury by integrating Retrospec foam roller into your stretches before and after workouts. Foam rolling reduces tension and pain, improves posture, balance, and increases flexibility.

Ideal for all ages, beginner to advanced. Retrospec foam roller is an effective addition to any training, recovery, or wellness routine. Improve muscle mobility and prevent soreness before it starts.

Retrospec foam roller is durable, easy-to-use, non-toxic, and perfect for every level of athlete. Essential anyone involved in yoga, running, CrossFit, Pilates, weight and strength training, swimming, spinning, hiking, and More.

Retrospec Relief Foam Roller (18”)

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