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Step up your fitness routine with the Gaiam Pilates Mini Ab Ball, thoughtfully crafted for dynamic workouts. This soft, lightweight 9” inflatable ball is designed to enhance core muscle activation, fortify the back, and amplify your range of motion, making it an indispensable tool for Pilates and Barre classes. Perfect for both pre-and-post workout sessions, it actively engages the body, relaxes the back, and aids in achieving optimal alignment. The package thoughtfully includes an inflation straw and an Exercise Guide, ensuring you make the most of every movement.

Soft, lightweight 9” inflatable ball

Help enhance core muscle activation, strengthen the back and increase range of motion

Great for pre-and-post workout to activate the body, relax the back and aide with alignment

Includes inflation straw and Exercise Guide

Versatile Functionality: Ideal for targeting abdominal workouts, this ball can also be placed between the legs to introduce added resistance during lower body exercises

GAIAM Mini Ab Ball

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