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#1 in Exercise Collars

This barbell clamp fits for 2 inches Olympic standard size.

MAXIMUM GRIP: These collars give an ultra tight grip. Designed for workouts where weights are dropped or the weights are taken vertical.

Color: Black

Sold in pairs - two clamps are included

Fast quick release clamp Single-lever design offers with alocking latch offers a strong hold and eliminates unnecessary moving parts,improving the longevity of collars. Removing collar clamps is just as easyLever allows fingers to be firmly gripped underneath while the lever is pulledupwards Lever clicks to signal locked and unlocked positions Holds platessecure Features a quick-locking latch and maximum gripping surface areaStainless steel pins make the Clout Fitness barbell extremely durableStrongABS stands up to rigorous weight room activities without breaking or becomingdamaged. Collars won’t crack or warp under the pressure of heavy loads whenthe bar is dropped. Durable Rubber pads keeps clamps firmly in place Thesebarbell collars ensure a snug fit Suited for any Olympic Bar Read more Fits 2"Olympic Standard Barbells Single-lever design with a locking latch offers astrong hold and eliminates unnecessary moving parts, improving the longevityof collars. Read more Read more

Barbell clamps

Tight grip



Two clamps

Clout Fitness Olympic Barbell Clamps

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