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Gliding Discs Core Sliders, CHICMODA Dual Sided Disks Fitness Equipment for Abdominal, Home Exercises to Strengthen Core, Glutes, and Abs, Used on Carpet or Hard Floors with Carry Bag

Gliding Discs For Exercise: the fitness core sliders can tone, sculpt and challenge your abs, chest, arms, legs and shoulders with slide pads. Lunges, planks, pushups and any other workouts traget to strengh training, stretch of whole body.

Dual Sided For Any Surface: smooth side made of shock resistant plastic work on carpet, rugs or cloth surfaces; the fabric side works on hard wood, laminate or tile floors let you do exercises at any place.

Portable and Lightweight: the exercise sliders are light, small and compact, with a carry bag, easy to pack for travel, to the gym or stay at home to make your daily body building continuously and more convenient.

2-Pack for Different Fitness Levels: fit for both men and women, professional sports person, sports enthusiasts, slimmers or beginers to imporve fitness, get a full-body workout at any time with this sliders.

Easy To Use: simple to use, no special gym place require, convenient to carry, making it an ideal exercise equipment for any place, add more benefit to bodyweight workouts.

These CHICMODA sliders are dual sided and made specifically to work on any surface, from hardwood to carpet, so you can really take your workout anywhere. Add more variety to any bodyweight move from lunges to push-ups on planks and strengthen to exercise your muscles in a new way. Our sliders are low impact and high value and as easy-to-use as exercise equipment gets.

There is a wide variety of muscle building exercises you can do, whether you want to target your lower body, upper body or core muscles.The plastic bottom helps them slide across rubber floors without giving up the option to work on carpet just as easily. The foam top also allows for a comfortable fit when you're pressing down hard to extend and contract movements.

Package Included:

1 pair Exercise Sliders

1 x Carry Bag

Chicmoda Gliding Discs Sliders

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