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This supplement is a little-known form of vitamin B. It is necessary for assimilating other B-complex vitamins. It also aids the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Biotin can be found in little amounts in several foods such as whole grains, meat, fish, cooked egg yolks, milk and soybeans. Bacteria within the colon also elaborate this nutrient.


Biotin Benefits

It is vital in the production of fatty acids and glucose, helping to generate energy in the body. It is Involved in cell growth and is necessary for healthy skin and hair. It helps to form and maintain chemical constituents of keratin, which is the main protein found in hair and nails.


Features of Biotin Supplement


Made in the USA.

Provides a nutrient necessary for the assimilation of B-complex vitamins.

Important for the production of fatty acids and energy in the body.

Involved in the cell growth.

Supports the health of skin, hair and nails

Alfa Vitamins Biotin (100 Tablets)

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