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The 100% natural Latex bands are very durable and have an anti-snap design that makes them safe and easy to use. Our set of pull-up assist bands can help you transform the usual chin-ups, ring-ups, and muscle-ups into a challenge and fun. It helps to sculpt and tone your body easier and faster so that each workout will make a difference. 4 lightweight colorful bands that correspond to low to heavy resistance levels. You can also use multiple resistance bands at the same time.

Red - Dimension 41" x 0.5", Resistance 15-35 lbs

Black - Dimension 41" x 0.9", Resistance 25-65 lbs

Purple - Dimension 41" x 1.3", Resistance 35-85 lbs

Green - Dimension 41" x 1.7", Resistance 50-125 lbs

XPRT Fitness Pull-Up Assist Resistance Bands (set of 4)

Only 2 left in stock