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Protect your shoulders and neck as you squat with the Weider Protective Weight Bar Pad with Easy Slip-On Design. Squatting is a powerful compound exercise that builds muscles in your legs, engages your core, and strengthens your back, but holding large amounts of weight on your shoulders can be uncomfortable. Weider designed this barbell pad to reduce your discomfort so you can fully benefit from squatting exercises without experiencing unpleasant pinching and to provide a padded buffer between your shoulders and the bar. Featuring hook-and-loop velcro closure, this pad conveniently fits onto whatever barbell you are using in moments so you can focus on your workout instead of your equipment. Measuring 15.5 inches by 3 inches, this weight pad is compatible with both standard and Olympic-sized barbells, making it the perfect accessory for any fitness enthusiast. Barbell pads also reduce bar slippage, keeping your weight securely locked in as you lift. Use the Weider Weight Bar Pad at home or take it with you to the gym for a more comfortable lifting experience.

Hook-And-Loop Velcro Closure

This convenient design allows you to fit your bar pad onto any standard or Olympic-sized barbell in moments, keeping you focused on your training

Reduce Shoulder Strain

Protect your shoulders and neck from pinching under the strain of heavy weight with the Weider Protective Bar Pad.

Enjoy more comfortable squats

Comfortable Padded Material

High-density foam padding provides a comfortable buffer between your shoulders and a bar loaded with heavy weight

Increased Grip Control

Enjoy greater grip control and increased stability as you squat - the velcro locks your weight bar in place

15.5" x 3" of Coverage

15-and-a-half inches gives your shoulders the coverage they need, and a 3-inch diameter will easily fit around any standard or Olympic-sized barbell

Weider Protective Weight Bar Pad