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🍂Lightweight And Comfortable🍂 -5MM diameter rope, 9.8 ft long PVC rope. 6 inches Memory Foam Handles, weight 0.44LB. Comfortable handle and thick, durable cable.

🍂Length Adjustable🍂-Quickly and easily adjustable from 9 ft down to your desired length within minutes! Suitable for all ages (adults, males, females, children, children, boys and girls) and all levels of experience.

🍂Durable Pu Wire Skip Rope🍂- Jump rope cable is made of a premium braided steel wire rope coated with PU, which features durable and smooth, ensures the maximum service life and avoids cracking or breaking than others. The ball bearing system avoids the twisting, winding or bending like other fitness ropes.

🍂Anti-Slip Foam Handle 🍂-The jump rope advanced Foam handle assembly for faster jumping using steel cylinder construction for easy adjustment and speed skipping. Ergonomically designed weighted memory foam handles offer extra comfort while also preventing palm sweat and providing a firm grip.

🍂Does Not Tangle🍂- This jump rope does not tangle because the handles let the rope spin around. You can roll it all up and when you unroll it the rope just falls to the floor with no kinks or bends whatsoever Portable : Perfect to bring to the gym. Provides a great totally portable workout.

Vivilin Jump Rope

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