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Sharpen your mental edge and support overall wellness with the power of Swanson Full Spectrum Lion's Mane Mushroom. For hundreds of years, the lion's mane mushroom has been treasured throughout China and Japan as a culinary delicacy as well as a functional food, popular for supporting mental wellness and alertness. Known to contain many antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, new research is examining constituents known as erinacines. Erinacines are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and may promote brain and nerve cell health as well as support the central nervous system (CNS).

Erinacines encourage the synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF) which promotes healthy nerve cell growth and maintenance. Your nervous system plays a part in nearly every aspect of daily life such as breathing and walking so maintaining the health of your CNS is integral to your most basic total-body wellbeing.

We deliver full spectrum lion’s mane in convenient capsules so you can take the benefits of mushrooms with you wherever you go. Our full-spectrum product offers all the supportive compounds found in lion’s mane fruiting bodies without any unnecessary processing.

Swanson Full Spectrum Lion’s Mane Mushroom (60 Capsules)

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