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Nature’s Bounty High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate contributes to whole body support.* Magnesium is essential for supporting bone health, and plays an important role in maintaining bone mineralization.* As a component in over 200 enzymes in the body, Magnesium is also involved in muscle contractions, nerve impulses, energy metabolism and protein formation.* Our unique formula contains a highly bioavailable form of Magnesium that makes it easier for the body to absorb, making it more effective. Take two tablets of Nature’s Bounty High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate daily to support muscle relaxation, bone, heart, and nerve health.

Nature’s Bounty® High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate provides an excellent source of magnesium in a highly bioavailable form. Magnesium is an essential mineral in the human body. It is a co-factor in more than 300 enzymatic reactions needed for the body’s normal function.* The mineral is critical for its role in cell formation, bone structure, muscle contraction & relaxation, energy metabolism, and nerve impulses.* At least half of the magnesium in the body is combined in the human skeleton with calcium and phosphorus. But not all supplemental forms of magnesium are the same. Different forms of magnesium may be better absorbed than others. Magnesium glycinate is a chelated form of magnesium bound to an amino acid. Because it is an organic form of magnesium, it is easily absorbed by the body. The more efficiently magnesium can be absorbed, the more effective magnesium can be in the body.

Nature's Bounty Magnesium (180 Capsules)

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