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Perfect combination of training bands: 9 different resistance bands that provide a variety of training routines at home or in the gym. Use them for assisted chin-ups, power lifting, stretching, squats, bench press, shoulder press, warm-ups, yoga, pilates, fat burning. The Kootek guide book provides 15 ways to guide you how to train effectively.

4 chin-up bands: resistant assistive assistive bands with different colors and resistance levels (red: 15-35 pounds, black: 25-65 pounds, purple: 35-85 pounds, green: 50-125 pounds), you can select the right levels based on your specific needs and fitness objectives, improve your strength quickly.

5 varied resistance bands: green: X-Light, blue: light, yellow: medium, red: heavy, black: X-Heavy. Ideal for warm-ups, body stretching, yoga, pilates, fat burning, body shape, home workouts and fitness in the gym.

Premium quality: made of natural latex material, elastic, durable, wear-resistant and stays flat even after excessive stretching. You can use two bands at the same time, allowing you to move on to the new difficulty without uncertainty.

Train anywhere: with a carrying bag, portable training bands that you can use at home, office, hotel, gym, outdoors and during trips.

Kootek Resistance Band Set

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