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FitGear's High-Density EVA Foam Roller features a hollow core that makes it lightweight and easy to carry, yet the construction is incredibly sturdy. Our proprietary high-density EVA foam is firm yet comfortable, formulated for maximum results. Contoured and variable ribbed textures massage and relieve your tense muscles, speeding up deep tissue recovery after strength training. Can be helpful as a treatment aid in Myofascial release therapy and for sciatic nerve pain relief (consult your physical therapist on proper use). This versatile and durable foam roller makes for perfect stretch aid, an ideal complement to your yoga practice, physical therapy, and/or athletic regimen.

High-density EVA foam - formulated for high firmness to apply the right amount of pressure to your body

Contoured pattern of ridges to massage deep muscle tissue and reduce lactic acid buildup

Hollow PVC core for lightweight and sturdy construction

Increase blood flow, easing pain and promoting whole-body wellbeing

Reduce muscular inflammation, easing post-workout pain and speeding recovery

Treatment aid in Myofascial release therapy and Sciatica pain relief

Ships in hygienic shrink wrap

Fit Gear Foam Roller (13”)

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